Making Money Selling 3D Designs and Models  

  • Is it possible to actually make money selling 3D designs and models? We can buy your designs!
  • How to make a living with a 3D printer? We can refer clients and customers your way!
  • Can I open my own 3D printing business? Sure thing!

If you asked yourself one of these questions, this page might give you few suggestions and insights:

Can anyone make money using 3D printing? Selling 3D designs? Why not!

make money 3d printing DIY - do it your selfHave a 3D Printer:  Designers who are familiar with 3D printing software’s and modeling techniques are able to design plans and build models using their own 3D home printers. Since the price of 3D printers turns affordable it’s easier to buy a 3-D home printer and produce your own products to sell.  Even though today’s printers cost is more affordable, the materials, scanner, 3-d design software’s and other expenses costs are high and making money being a self-employed 3D business owner may not be easy.

Don’t have the 3D printer: Designers who do not have their own 3D home printer can find few great marketplaces to sell their designs and make money. The designer can easily set up an account and upload his 3D designs managing his own private profile and set prices for his 3D models. Using 3D printing to make money is not an exclusive market for designers only! The growing 3D printing trend attracts thousands of people worldwide, while some people wonder how to make money with a 3D printer, others searching for a way to open up a 3D printing business.  The following tips are good for both designers and entrepreneurs without designing experience.

Top 5 Tips – Making money with 3D Printing

1. Targeted Niche

The 3d printing industry is already highly competitive. It is recommended to target specific niche or category that will highlight your 3D designs and emphasize your models on top competitors. Remember that the 3D printing industry reaches almost any category and market in our lives, Health, Toys, Jewelry, Sports, Auto, Home decor, military and more. 3-D designer should pinpoint the niche where his skills and knowledge have an advantage over his competitors.  Remember that the fact that any 3D designer can buy his Home 3D printer might work against you. If you want to make money selling 3D models, you have to stay focused!

2. Best Marketplace for your 3D designs & Models

After filtering the 3D printing marketplaces and choosing the best platform to sell your 3D designs, make sure your models are protected. Some programs offer better terms and higher payments in return for exclusivity – in other words – you are obligated to sell your 3D designs exclusively to the marketplace you chose. The benefit might be making more money, but it may also lead to lower exposure for your designs and fewer customers purchasing your models. You might consider to try out more than one marketplace before you sign up exclusivity agreement. Another alternative to using 3D printing to make money promoting your designs via eBay, Etsy, or Amazon to get a clue of your models & design’s exposure rate and demand.

3. Build your 3D Product Line

Once you chose the best matching niche, focus on learning and analyzing the results. Try to learn which designs and models are your bestsellers! A big number of designs and a large variety of 3D designs will not necessarily guarantee many sales.  On the other hand, if you do not offer a number of alternatives and model structures the chances to generate sales & make money declines. If you have the 3D printer at home control your stock if you are 3D printing designer build your designer catalog.

4. Variety, Creativity, and Customization

When customers eventually view your 3D designs and models, they might want to make few adjustments or ask for customized models. You must be flexible and creative enough to be able and make these required adjustments in your 3D printing designs and in the 3D printed product. Whether the customer asks for different material, color or size, you don’t want to lose a sale just because the customer asked for a different model from the original 3D printed prototype. In fact – thanks to customer’s feedback you can upgrade your bestsellers product line.  There are many examples of small design or modeling changes that turned simple design to a bestseller.  3D printing customized products will help you make money using your 3D models.


5. Build your Customers Data Base

If you register to 3D printing designer’s marketplace most chances, you will not have any connection with the customers buying your 3D designs or models. You will sell your 3D printing designs and earn your share using the marketplace platform exposure. In such a case, it will be harder for you to build customer’s database and make money using your designs. If you enjoy good results & sales, you should definitely consider the customer database issues and do whatever you can get a touch with your customers. Remember that 3D printing industry competition will ONLY grow with time, and that satisfied customers will probably return to purchase more designs in the future. By having a customer relationship you ensure your 3D printer business survive competition and enjoy future success.

Following these five basic steps will help you to use 3D printing to make money.