Additive manufacturing in space, Aerospace 3d printing

Additive manufacturing 3D Printing Life Changing

Additive manufacturing 3d Printing  The rising patterns and high potential of the additive manufacturing technology is truly amazing. Additive manufacturing technologies reveals outstanding breakthroughs almost every month! Additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing refers to the process of creating real objects and crafts from 3D designs, blueprints or models. The process is of additive manufacturing

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3D Printing Materials Metal, Plastic, Ceramic and more

3D Printing Materials – Metal, Plastic, Ceramic, Paper and more 3D Printing Plastic Materials Plastic materials are common with many forms and popular in Home 3D printing printers. ABS: models and products made of ABS plastic will most likely be used as tools. This material is great for functional applications and also used often with producing

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3D printing Popular Designs Models Blueprints

3D printing plans – Popular 3D designs   The search for free 3d printer plans is constantly rising. There is a constant growth in 3d printers users, people that buy 3d printer search for free 3d printer plans to download and print at home. According to the trends, we witness in the 3d printing industry,

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3d printing companies services partners

FREE 3d Printing Service Companies Best

3D Printing Service Companies We are all excited due to the amazing revolution of the 3D printing industry; still not all of us feel ready to invest in Home 3d Printer. A company offering printing services for design and models makes great solution. 3D printing service’s cost may vary. Some 3D printing companies are offering

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3d printing hermit crab shell

The Most Creative use of 3D Printer

Creative use of 3d printing The combination of 3D printing technology and human creativity generates endless, wonderful creations.  The beauty of the 3D printing industry is that even the sky is not the limit! 3D printing, a relatively new industry from recent years, is already taking key role in every single niche and field of

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3d printing human organ and medical research

3D Printing Human Organs Transplant

3D printing Human Organs What if instead of using 3D printing ink we could have used live cells and tissues? Believe it or not, 3d printing technology already research and develop “Bio Ink” to 3D print human organs. One of the world’s biggest crises today is the shortage of organs, we live longer, the number

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DIY 3d printing partner

3D Printing Printers Services Cost

3D Printing, Printers and Services Cost How much does 3d printing service cost? How much does printer cost? Should I buy 3D printer or pay for printing services? If you are searching for 3D printed objects, most chances that you are looking to buy your own 3D printer or looking for reliable and affordable 3D

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3d printed gun the liberator image by Forbes

3D Gun Printing Design Model Blueprint

3D Gun printing – Plans & Regulations Should 3d printing gun or any other firearm be regulated? This question troubles thousands of people all over the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already downloaded free 3D gun printing plans, 3d firearm’s models and guns designs. It is true that not all

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How to choose the best 3d printer

How to Choose the Best 3D Printers

How to Choose the Best 3D Printer The variety of 3D printers is growing (personal, open source, hobby, and desktop) and so the 3D printing industry has growing number of printing techniques. How to choose the perfect printer becomes a critical question. Whether you are business owner looking for 3D industrial printer or a young

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3d printer what is 3d printing

What is 3D printing Additive Manufacturing?

What is 3D printing? 3D printing simply takes a three dimension digital design or sketch and prints it into a solid object using a 3D printer. The printing process combines the integration of the product material layers to create an object. The 3D technology is used in almost any filed you can imagine, starting with

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3D printer Scanner Best Software & Price

3D printer Scanner 3D Scanning technology got upgraded in recent years and it is much more accessible today compared to past years. The 3D scanners price varies, in general 3D scanning software’s allows people to set scanning software on their computer, connect it with 3D printing design software and with home 3D printer. 3D printer

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Google sketchup Best 3D Design Software

Google 3D software – Among the Best 3D printing design software’s One of the biggest factors affecting the 3D printing industry revolution is the 3D printing design software’s.  Popular 3D printing software’s are: Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, TinkerCad, but the most popular and user friendly is probably Google 3D Software, also known as 3D Google Sketch or

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3D Printing Trends 2014-2015

3D printing trends 2014 The 3D printing market constantly grow. It is estimated to continue growing, affecting our daily lives. In recent researches conducted by worldwide organizations and universities, there are clear patterns indicating how big the impact of the 3D printing industry. Even though the future of the 3D printing seems promising, it may

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