3D Printing Filament Materials Price Comparison

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3D Printing Filament Materials

3D printing materials variety is in constant growth, it’s easier to find the best matching material according to your specific budget. Artists use range of materials from different plastic forms like PLA and ABS filaments to Metals and even ceramic. The Metallic 3D printing materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, Silver, Gold and Brass turning popular .but Metal 3D printing materials are still relatively expensive.  The Plastic & Resin 3d printer materials and filaments are cheaper and can provide great results.


Among the new 3d printing materials you can find clear plastic (also available in multi-color) and some other durable forms of plastic that can help anyone print rock solid crafts from various light plastic chemical compounds. Rapid prototyping materials are mainly plastic and resin forms (PLA, ABS, etc.) Some 3D printers are being adjusted to print ceramic, glass and there are constantly new materials combinations as the 3D printing industry continues to evolve.

3D printer plastic filament price comparison:

The 3D printer plastics filaments prices may vary from one company (supplier) to another, this price comparison chart presents estimated range of 3D printer filaments cost in US$. The focus is obviously on PLA & ABS filaments. Before you buy 3d printing materials online we suggest you will compare prices using this 3d printer filaments price comparison.

Material Diameter (mm) Color Weight (Kg) Estimated Price (US$)
ABS 3 Black 0.5 10.00
PLA 1.7 Black 1 25.00
ABS 1.75 Black 2 40.00
ABS 3 Black 2 40.00
PLA 1.75 Blue 1 25.00
ABS 1.75 Blue 2 45.00
ABS 1.75 Blue 2 45.00
PLA 3 Gold 0.88 49.00
ABS 3 Gold 1 25.00
PLA 3 Green 0.45 20.00
ABS 3 Green 0.9 20.00
ABS 1.75 Green 2 50.00
PLA 3 Light Green 2.5 50.00
PLA 1.75 Natural 0.45 20.00
ABS 3 Natural 2 50.00
PLA 3 Orange 2.5 50.00
ABS 3 Purple 1 25.00
PLA 3 Purple 2.5 50.00
ABS 3 Red 0.9 20.00
PLA 1.75 Red 0.9 32.00
PLA 3 Red 2.5 50.00
PLA 3 Silver 0.45 20.00
PLA 1.75 Silver 1 25.00
PLA 1.75 Transparent 0.9 32.00
ABS 3 white 0.5 10.00
ABS 3 White 2.5 45.00
PLA 3 White 2.5 50.00
ABS 3 White 5.2 115.00
PLA 1.75 Yellow 1 25.00
ABS 1.75 Yellow 2 40.00
PLA 3 Yellow 2.5 50.00

ABS or PLA filaments for 3D Printing – what’s the difference?

Both ABS and PLA filaments are the most popular plastic materials used for 3d printing. They are thermoplastics – meaning they are flexible and turn soft when heated and rock solid when cooled down, this simply turns them to user friendly and affordable material for 3d printers.

ABS – often used by engineers and professionals, its strength and flexibility plus the high temperature resistance make it preferred by many. One prominent disadvantage with using ABS filament in 3d printing is the fact that some times the 3D printer needs to be heat resistant. Some printers cannot print efficiently with such high temperatures.

PLA – often used in Schools, hobbyists and in the private sector. PLA offers wider range of colors. PLA is known to be more environmental friendly as is it also made of plants.

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